You deserve a smile which will make even celebrities jealous of. With the help of Chayka Dental’s professional team you can refresh the boring faded smile and make it gorgeously shining. It doesn’t matter how much of assistance you need, our team is always there to provide you the best possible services so you can love the way you look.

Everyone has a different aesthetical feeling. Each of us has a different opinion about the perfect looking smile. A whole paragraph in the dental medicine is committed to designing the smile with fundamental rules, proportions and schemes. In search of individuality, we build on these rules. Your active participation in the whole process is important to us, and if you tell us about the desired end result, we will tell you about the possibilities of today’s aesthetic dentistry. So that we are not only creating a celebrity smile, but we are also making your smile. A smile you have always dreamed for.

Smile changes can be made with just little corrections:

  • to the color – by Laser whitening;
  •  of the shape – by bonding and enamel plastics;

Or by more significant changes:

  • porcelain (ceramic) crowns and veneers;
  • zirconium crowns;
  • highly aesthetical metal-ceramic crowns;

CHAYKA DENTAL is unique among other dental practices in Varna. Our is more like a spa center than the old fashioned traditional method. Loud noises, harsh lights, and pungent odors so common in the standard experience all have faded away. We replaced them with noise cancelling headphones, soft lighting and soothing aromas of essential oils.

We work towards the best possible relaxation environment and the difference can be noticed as soon as you cross the doorway.