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What is Laser whitening?

We all want snow white teeth. But with so many available choices today it’s a real challenge to pick one. Most popular and cost-effective option nowadays is so called laser whitening. It is available at Chayka Dental as well as all modern technologies.

We recommend you professional whitening with our specialists rather than a homemade version, because of its success ration and efficiency. Due to it, the significant possibilities of the feasible consequences are not only reduced, but a better effect is guaranteed. Especially if we choose laser whitening, which is in fact our best bet.

Such simulations are done in dental clinics. That’s one of the fastest and more chosen method in the aesthetical dentistry in which a special whitening laser is used, and the result is immediate.

Laser whitening technology

  1. Preparation

Our first step is to gently clean the tooth’s surface from plaque, tartar and all kinds of plaque. It is possible by ultrasonic or AirFlow – special dust and water jet gadget for cleaning and polishing teeth.

  1. Whitening

Soft tissues(gums) are being isolated with rubber plates and on top of the tooth a special gel is applied based on hydrogen peroxide – actively whitening material. It does not differ in composition from that used in home bleaching systems, but has a higher concentration.

The gel breaks down into water and oxygen radicals, which penetrate deep into the enamel and destroy the accumulations at molecular level. Its action is activated by the laser. This manipulation is repeated up to three times until reached.

That differs that procedure from others done only by chemically whitening the teeth, where activation begins by a reaction between substances and the possibility of damage to the enamel is greater.

With the greatest laser technology comes greater results, much more efficient from the chemically done manipulation. This guarantees you much more durable and reliable effect even after your first session. Its length is measured by our specialists at «Chayka Dental» as well as the number of visits required to achieve the desired nuance.

Laser whitening advantages

  1. It is much safer than the professional chemical whitening.
  2. Does not include uncomfortable feelings as well as pressure in your gum tissues, bleeding or inflammation.
  3. Whitening with up to 7-10 tons is possible with only one procedure, which can not be achieved otherwise than by placing veneers, of course.
  4. The manipulation’s length may vary from half an hour to hour and a half based on the results you want to achieve.
  5. We can enjoy the effect immediately after the procedure, but the final color stabilizes a few days later.
  6. With proper care, our teeth can stay white for years.

In which cases laser whitening is not recommended?

  • Whitening procedures are not suitable for people with fillings on visible tooth surfaces. In these cases there will be a difference in the color of the material and the tooth itself. Then we have to change the seals of the specific tooth after whitening to achieve the desired effect.
  • Laser whitening is not recommended for congenital defects and increased sensitivity of the enamel.
  • Not suitable for children under 18 years.

Follow-up care after laser teeth whitening

Our dental specialist will give us the best advice on how to maintain the effect of the manipulation longer.

Most important of all is the oral hygiene, which should be often maintained at Dental Clinic <> He will also recommend us a specific toothpaste to use to maintain the outcome of the procedure.

Some of our routine habits also affect your brand new whitened teeth such as smoking, drinking red wine or coffee because they cause premature yellowing and discoloration of the tooth surface.