The alternative version of metal brackets

Smile. It matters!

Many, many years dentist and orthodontists have used traditional metal brackets for fixing crooked or missing teeth. That method in fact is still a viable option, but teenagers and adults have always wondered if there is a more comfortable way of making their smile beautiful.

Improper alignment of teeth, called improper occlusion, will lead to premature wear of teeth, gums and bones. Properly aligned teeth will help you save them in the long term with less complications. Furthermore, you will be a proud owner of a celebrity smile.

The solution: straightening teeth with aligners – absolutely invisible for your surroundings soft rubber braces. Their main purpose is by using special splints to align your teeth at their perfect spots. Many different options can be found on the market.

By choosing aligners you could achieve your dream smile and more importantly do not have to deal with metal brackets and braces.

How does aligners work

Taking advantage of modern technology especially in medicine, by using a special scanner we get to digitally scan your teeth. After finishing that manipulation the computer itself develops a possible version of the final result. How amazing it is to see your brand-new smile even though the treatment hasn’t even started at the first place!

After a specialist approves your case you will be given multiple aligners, each of them has to be worn 1-2 weeks and then replaced with a new one. While you are doing your job, working or something else the aligners are there for you to straighten your teeth. After a week or two your dentist will give you a new set of aligners to keep the progress going.

Invisible aligners are easily removable. You should only remove them for eating, drinking or cleaning purposes. With regular visits to your dentist, the process can be completed in just six months.

Every case in Chayka Dental is unique experience and depending on your diagnosis and the professional opinion of our dentist the treatment time may vary. Fastest, easiest and most reliable method is just a single consultation with our qualified dentist.

Invisible aligners are always preferred by those, who rely on aesthetics. Until you finish your studying , you can straighten your teeth with your transparent liners. What a beautiful reason to show off with your new smile. Nothing suits your dress and cappella better than a beautiful smile on the face, achieved by our dentist at Chayka Dental!


Only few children are proud of their crooked teeth. Nowadays parents look forward to straighten their beloved kids’ teeth, but the days where the only option is braces or tradition metal brackets is in the past. If your child is afraid of putting on metal brackets or braces then you should book your appointment with our specialist for aligners now.

With applying a set of aligners to your teenager’s mouth you guarantee him a beautiful and confident smile in the long term.


We bet the last thing you want to worry about in that important for you moment is maybe your imperfection in the teeth alignment or maybe your crooked teeth. Aligners made from our specialist at Chayka Dental can help achive the perfect movie shot or even a beautiful picture just like a celebrity in your wedding day!


After graduation you will get to know the real world, jumping straight for job interviews hoping to get the dream job. The reality is that those who look more confident, good looking and with a beautiful smile will be more likely to get a job when competing with someone who has equal qualifications. Take advantage ahead of the competition by showing your intimidating smile to the world.

Discover your best

You can now wear your smile proudly with the most comfortable and modernized orthodontics.

If you are scared of visiting your dentist you should not worry about it anymore, we at Chayka Dental are way ahead of the competition and different from every other dentistry center out there. Our spa environment is children and adults friendly, which makes it the perfect place to be. Soft lighting and comfortable chairs await you for your visit. Our friendly atmosphere is the missing part of the puzzle which makes aligners a perfect option for an alternative to the metal brackets.