About us

Chayka Dental is leading in implantology and aesthetic dentistry in relaxed and welcoming surroundings.

Located in a sunny place in the greenest district of Varna – Chayka. In the immediate vicinity of the Sea Garden itself…

Our mission is to create beautiful smiles.
Enhance the one you were born with, or let us design the smile of your dreams.


The history of fine dentistry

Dr. Plam Ivanova is the founder of Chayka Dental. Her vision and devotion to the comfortable dental treatments helped to create a relaxing environment.

After many years of work, we have noticed that all dental practices are missing something: a soothing patient experience. Our desire to provide more than great dentistry inspired us to open a practice focused on providing a more personal, relaxed and comfortable experience.

In an effort to reduce stress and provide the most relaxing environment possible, we have created TEA DENTAL-a leading practice in patient care and comfort. Practices like this have become known as dental spas.

Feel the difference in the dental clinic CHAYKA DENTAL - Varna

We take a holistic approach to your oral and overall health, combining gentle and passionate care with advanced treatments and technology to make every appointment as comfortable and painless as possible. Prioritizing your complete health, we teach you how to maintain the beauty, health, and function of your smile by incorporating simple habits and techniques into your lifestyle to make your next visit even easier. The doctors at our dental spa will boost your confidence so that your natural appearance shines through.

Features of the dental spa Chayka Dental Varna

Spa-like environment

Spa-like environment

Soothing music, the smell of essential oils, soft lighting and decorations taste unlike any dental office you’ve ever seen.
Enjoy music & Relax

Enjoy music & Relax

Choose your entertainment and listen through soft noise-cancelling headphones.
Advanced technology

Advanced technology

See what your teeth will look like after veneers, ceramic bridges , implants and aligners are placed after the first visit.
Friendly team

Friendly team

You will be warmly greeted by name at the door and offered a fragrant coffee or herbal tea.
Comfortable chairs

Comfortable chairs

Settle in comfortably during your stay at our dental spa. You will receive anesthesia or gentle sedation, if necessary.
The treatment is Breeze

The treatment is Breeze

The soothing or gentle sedation you need for a comfortable stay.
Happy Clients

над 10 000

Dental manipulations performed

Advanced dental technology

We adopt the latest and best techniques and technologies available to make your treatment as effective and comfortable as possible.

We work with a modern equipped dental laboratory with a scanner . This is an advanced tool that records your teeth and will show what the final result of your treatment will be in just a few minutes!

It also allows us to track changes in your teeth over time with extreme precision.

The refined experience

During our introductory phone call, we get to know you and plan your initial visit together. We welcome you like family as soon as you enter our dental spa.

Treat yourself to a cup of fresh coffee or herbal tea , then relax in a luxurious chair as we begin your examination or procedure.

Dental clinic Chaika Dental works with Health Insurance Fund.

Frequently requested services - Veneers and crowns

Using the finest handcrafted ceramic porcelain veneers and crowns, we restore the brilliance of your smile. Design the smile of your dreams! Choose dental services Varna from dental clinic Chaika Dental.

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